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Using silicone ties to bind your cables is an excellent approach to ensure their integrity. There are numerous types of silicone ties available, including magnetic and EZ storage options.

Magnetic silicone cable ties

Using magnetic silicone cable ties is a fantastic method to organize your cords, whether they are computer or smartphone lines. These cable management ties are portable since they are lightweight and resistant to tearing and pulling. These tiny devices can support even thick, lengthy wires, making them ideal for anchoring a mechanical hard drive, USB cable, or charging cable. Additionally, they are ideal for arranging little items such as keys and jewellery.

If you are looking for a cable wrap, you will be pleased to hear that these magnetic cable ties are available in an assortment of colors and forms. They are an excellent method to store little items and will make any desk look organized. This is particularly beneficial if you work in a small workplace with numerous cords and wires lying around.

These cable organizers can also be used to conceal PC cords beneath the desk or in the glove compartment. These are also ideal for concealing a phone charger or aux cord, and can even be used to conceal medical devices such as pacemakers.

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