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Whether you are a manufacturer, distributor or consumer of silicone stickers, you have a choice of options. These stickers are available in a wide variety of colors, designs, materials and applications. From the NFC chip to the self-adhesive labels, we have the products you need to get the job done.


In most cases, there are a variety of distinct origins to the issues that arise with label application. Some of these issues include poor release, curling of labels, tearing, and flagging. Other issues include tearing. In addition, a linerless applicator is susceptible to a variety of issues, such as clogging and the accumulation of excess glue, which can be problematic. As a consequence of this, the applicator that the current invention focuses on is one that has been improved. In particular, the current invention offers a better label printer applicator that gives the user the ability to apply labels at a variety of different heights. In addition, the assembly provides the operator with the ability to control the movement of the tamp pad. This is something that can be accomplished by utilizing a rewind assembly that places the appropriate amount of strain on the liner.

A further function of the rewind component is to stop the liner from becoming overly taut. This is made possible by a sensor that is mechanically attached to the rewind roll drive in a functioning manner. Additionally, the sensor is able to detect the movement of supply disk apertures. After that, the sensor triggers a motor, which moves the arm back toward its starting position. In addition to that, the assembly takes into account the force that is given to the label. This can be accomplished by utilizing an input from a pressure transducer that is positioned in connection with a pressurized gas extension intake. Doing so will allow for the achievement of the aforementioned goal.

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