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silicone self fusing tape

Your upholstered furniture's seams can be kept together by using silicone self-fusing tape. A good silicone self-fusing tape can be removed with a simple tug and will revert to its original shape, unlike some other tapes which can be challenging to remove. Buying a few rolls of the silicone self fusing tape product to keep around the house for when you need to keep seams together is a good idea.

Scotch(r) Tape 70

A superior electrical tape that performs even better than the usual suspects is SCOTCH(R) Tape 70. The best part is that it was created to satisfy the thermal requirements of your high voltage cable joint. In a pinch, it is the best option due to its excellent insulation, which guarantees long-term cable protection. SCOTCH(R) Tape is perfect for use in both commercial and industrial applications thanks to its high tensile strength of 69kV. It is a high performance tape that is simple to apply and remove thanks to its smooth silicone rubber backing. SCOTCH(R) Tape has won the hearts of many high voltage cable installers thanks to its many advantages. The only item in your toolbox that you absolutely must have is this tape and silicone gloves.

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Silicone Rescue Tape

The innovative insulating wrap known as X-Treme Silicone Self Fusing Tape fuses together to create a layer that is inextricably bonded. This self-fusing tape is perfect for uses like marine applications, plumbing, gas and water pipes, electrical wiring, Silicone Product and more because it is incredibly flexible and resistant to harsh environments.

Extreme temperatures, pressure, and contaminants can all be handled by X-Treme Tape. Additionally, it can be stretched by more than 300% without breaking. Heat-resistant and able to withstand temperatures of up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit is this tape. Additionally, it can withstand 100 PSI and is waterproof.

Self-fusing tape called X-Treme Tape was specifically developed to meet US Military requirements for resistance to abrasion, abrasion resistant materials, and corrosive materials. It has a bonding strength of more than 400 volts per mil and has been tested to withstand pressures at their highest and lowest points.

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