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If you want to keep your dough from sticking to your rolling pin, one of the best things you can do is use a silicone rolling pin. You should be able to discover a silicone rolling pin that is suitable for your requirements as there is a wide variety of this type of tool available.

DoughEz Non-Stick Silicone 21.5-Inch Rolling Pin

The DoughEZ Non-Stick Silicone 21.5-Inch Rolling Pin is the ideal tool for rolling out dough, whether you are making cookies for a birthday party or attempting your hand at making a pie crust. This rolling pin can be used for a variety of different baking projects. It has a surface made of non-stick silicone and a weighted handle, which together ensure consistent results. Because the surface is seamless and non-stick, rolling out dough without ripping it is simple and easy.

When compared to its wooden version, the rolling pin with a silicone coating has a surface that is nonstick, smooth, and extremely simple to clean. Additionally, the width of the barrel has been increased, making it less likely that the dough will be torn when it is rolled.

In addition to this, the easy glide plastic grip on the silicone roll pin ensures a smooth rolling experience. The material is also of a high quality and is approved for use with food. These are made to be washed off easily and may be put through the dishwasher without any worries. Additionally, it comes with six thickness guides that are customizable, allowing you to roll out virtually any sort of dough to a specific thickness.

A free-rolling barrel is a characteristic of an American-style rolling pin of high quality and reasonable cost. They are also less substantial and lighter than their counterparts made in the French style.

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