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Choosing a silicone electric plug over a standard plastic plug has several advantages. One of the most important advantages is the fact that silicone plug will not burn when exposed to heat. Moreover, this type of plug is also very flexible. Another benefit of this type of plug is that it is chemically compatible.

Rubber-silicone plugs over plastic

TPR (thermoplastic rheological) plugs are reusable, recyclable, and an excellent option for a variety of applications in addition to being a cheap substitute for silicone. They have exceptional mechanical and electrical qualities and are well-suited for bending, cracking, and abrasion resistance. Due to its outstanding insulating capabilities and great thermal resistance, silicone is a desirable material for electrical equipment. It is a suitable option for outside applications and is UV-resistant because to its molecular composition.

For cable attachments with numerous voltages, silicone or silicone tube is also an excellent option. The connection of a cable is frequently sealed with silicone tubing because of its insulating qualities. It is a desirable option for internal applications as well, such as valve covers and heat exchangers. In addition to being an excellent insulator, silicone has the ability to lower surface leakage currents. Because of the molecular makeup of silicone rubber, a fire cannot cause it to release halogens.

Additionally well known are silicone's insulating qualities. It can be used to make an airtight seal and can be used in subzero conditions. It can be utilized to lessen dry band arcing and has high flexibility and abrasion resistance. TPR plugs are available with numerous flexible alternatives as well. TPR, a thermoplastic and rubber hybrid, is also recyclable and reusable, which benefits the company as well as the environment.

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