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Silicone o ring are one of the most widespread forms of accessible o-rings. They are utilized in numerous fields, including the automotive, electrical, telecommunications, and medical industries. They are composed of many substances, including Neoprene, Fluoroelastomer, and peroxide-cured silicone.

Peroxide-cured silicone o-rings

Peroxide cured silicone o-rings may be suitable for water filters, faucets, and valves. They are built for strength, sturdiness, and resilience to a wide variety of situations. In addition, they are odorless and non-staining.

Silicone that has been cured with peroxide is typically less expensive than platinum-cured silicone, making it a preferred option for less demanding applications. Notably, peroxide-cured silicone has a poorer temperature resistance than platinum-cured silicone. It is also more difficult to make.

In contrast, platinum-cured silicone is more transparent and possesses natural optical clarity. It is also resistant to chemicals and ozone. Additionally, it is an excellent option for repeated sterilization treatments. Furthermore, it can endure 9 megarads of radiation.

Silicone rubber is not only employed in medical applications, but also in the food business. It is well known that the compounds are resistant to petroleum products and mild chemicals. They also have a high coefficient of friction. These characteristics make them popular for use with peristaltic pumps.

Peroxide-cured silicone is often employed for less demanding applications, however it is also widely used for peristaltic pump applications. It is more resilient and has a longer shelf life than platinum-cured silicone, making it an attractive option for cost-effective, high-quality products. Additionally, its hardness and mechanical strength have grown.

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