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You can prevent your baby's nipple from becoming irritated and sore by using the Wee Baby's Silicone Nipple Protector. The shield helps to prevent infection by being made of odorless silicone that is also simple to clean. Additionally, the silicone nipple shield can help in preventing choking in the infant. Babies who have latching problems will especially benefit from this.

Wee Baby's Silicone Nipple Protector

The flow nipple of the nipple shield, which prevents choking, is adjustable and simple to use, just like the silicone nipple cover. In order to prevent your baby from slipping off, it also has a ridged outer edge. The symmetrical butterfly design of the nipple shield makes it simpler for new mothers to use. You can breastfeed more flexibly because it suctions onto all breast shapes. The position of the shield's nipple simulates the natural rhythm of sucking.

After each use, the shield needs to be cleaned and stored in a spotless container. Be sure to wash the shield in hot water and soap. Till the shield is fully utilized, do not cut it. Otherwise, your baby could get hurt if the edges rip or tear.

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