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It can be challenging to select the best silicone cord for your application. There are numerous types from which to choose. The FKM/Viton cord and the Nitrile cord are a few examples. Each has benefits and drawbacks of its own.

FKM/Viton(r) rubber cord

Besides being resistant to ozone, FKM/Viton(r) silicone cord has other features. It is regularly used in sealing applications such as fuel systems, petrochemicals, and automotive. It also offers good mechanical properties.

Among the benefits of silicone tool rubber cord is its ability to withstand high temperatures. It can even be used as a gasket in exposed channels. It also has good electrical resistance. In addition, it has good insulation properties.

Viton (r) is an elastomer, which is fluorinated synthetic rubber. It is frequently used in the automotive industry and oil and gas exploration. It has excellent resistance to most mineral acids, aliphatic hydrocarbons, and fungi. It also has excellent resistance to sunlight and mold. In addition, it has good resistance to abrasion and weathering.

FKM/Viton(r) cord is often a more expensive product than other elastomers. It is used in highly specialized applications. It offers excellent resistance to oxygen, ozone, and oxygen-saturated air. It also has good resistance to corrosive fluids. It is also resistant to petroleum oils and chlorinated solvents.

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Water purifier

Enjoying clean, fresh water can be made possible by using a silicone cord water purifier or silicone hot water bag. High-quality silica gel is used to make this cord, which is made to withstand extreme temperatures. It is very adaptable as well. It can be applied in situations where other tubing wouldn't work well.

The ability to create a silicone cord water purifier in a variety of lengths, forms, and sizes makes it special. These products' manufacturer also provides a range of colors. The cord is also resistant to inclement weather. Additionally, it is resistant to aromatics and oxidizing chemicals. It complies with USP CL-VI standards and has FDA approval.

A silicone cord water purifier is excellent for a wide range of uses in addition to providing clean water for drinking. It can be utilized as a window seal, a seal for automotive enclosures, and a high voltage insulation. Additionally, it has FDA approval for use in industries that process food.

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