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You may choose silicone charms that meet your demands, whether you want to construct a bracelet to match your favorite pair of shoes or give a friend a present.

Wrap-around Wine-O(tm) silicone wine charms

Whether you're hosting a party or simply want a fun addition to your glass, Wine-O(tm) silicone charms are the ideal option. These charms are constructed of silicone that is safe for consumption and are designed to fit on any glass rim. They come in a range of forms and hues and are suitable for every occasion. You can select from a range of designs, such as the twelve-piece Hip Wine Charm (TM) or the vibrant rainbow-colored Wrap-around Wine-O Silicone Charms.

Wine-O(tm) Silicone Charms are designed to fit on the stem of wine glasses and available in a spectrum of colors, so they will stand out at your party. Each Charm boasts a colorful tongue, making them an excellent choice for martinis and other mixed drinks.

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