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Your logo will be shielded from scratches, nicks, and scuffs if you use a custom silicone sleeve. Additionally, they are resistant to oil, grease, fuel, ultraviolet light, and ozone. They are perfect for use on portable products because they are also very flexible.

Resistant to ozone, ultraviolet, fuel, greases and oil

Excellent resistance to ozone, ultraviolet light, fuels, and greases is provided by a number of different elastomer types such as our custom silicone tools. When exposed to sunlight, polyacrylates exhibit a high level of resistance to cracking. Glycols, alcohols, and chlorinated hydrocarbon applications are not advised for them, though.

A semi-organic elastomer with exceptional resistance to high temperatures is silicone. Additionally, a wide working temperature range is provided. Additionally, it offers excellent resistance to water and oxygen. Low glass transition temperatures and a siloxane backbone are features of silicone. It is employed in many different contexts, including the processing of food.

Neoprene is a multipurpose elastomer that adheres to metals very well. Additionally, it provides only fair resistance to oils made of petroleum. It has a mediocre level of weather resistance. It is less resistant to other polymers, though.

Thermoset elastomers known as fluorocarbon compounds have excellent resistance to ozone, ultraviolet light, fuels, greases, and oils. They are employed in numerous industrial settings, including those of aircraft engines. They are frequently used to seal hydraulic and fuel fluids.

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