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Whether you require bespoke silicon product for your project or are a designer searching for a unique solution for your clients, Sur-Seal can guide you through the process of creating and delivering the ideal custom silicone product for your needs. Liquid Silicone Rubber Molding, Metal Detectable Silicone, and Die-Cutting Services are provided by the organization.

Liquid silicone rubber molding

Molding personalized silicone items from liquid silicone scrubber is a cost-effective method of production. This process is used to produce rubber items such as gaskets, multi-pin connectors, and valves. Additionally, it can be utilized to produce specialized silicone extrusions.

In order to produce the greatest results throughout the manufacturing process, a variety of production methods are routinely employed. This knowledge will aid you in making the best selection.

Silicone molding is utilized in the aerospace, medical, defense, transportation, oil and gas, consumer electronics, and military industries to manufacture components. It is also appropriate for usage in harsh environments.

The procedure comprises mold and component design. Before liquid silicone is put into a mold, the material and mold are selected and prepared. The component is then molded around the substrate.

This silicone is composed of polydimethylsiloxane chains that give strength and flexibility. It also has a broad temperature operating range.

It is a nonconductive substance that provides tactile friction. This method is ideal for both simple and complicated components.

It is also utilized for production runs of low to high volume. High Consistency Rubber Silicone (HCR) and Liquid Silicone Rubber are the two most common forms of this substance (LSR). Both are utilized for mass production, but viscosity is the primary distinction between them. The greater viscosity of HCR results in a "gummier" texture.

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