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custom silicone airpod case

If you want to protect your iPhone without sacrificing style, a personalized silicone airpod cover as well as custom silicone airpod case is a terrific option. The silicone construction is impervious to scuffs, stains, and grime. For an added touch of professionalism, you can have it engraved permanently.

Gives you a traveling billboard

The AirPod silicone case with the attached ring may be the best option among the many other silicone airpod case that can be found at local retailers. This new item is not only blingtastic, but also features a smart ring-style clasp. The best part is that the additional dollar compared to what the normal consumer would pay for something similar is little. It's a solid option for your next road trip or night out on the town. It's also the softest AirPod in the Universe. Therein lies the true reward. It also has the lowest price tag of the bunch. There is one catch, though: you might want to do some investigating first. Not everyone will enjoy using AirPods, and that's the biggest issue.

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