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Menstrual Cup

The integrity of your plate can be effectively ensured by using a silicone plug and silicone dice mold. It can be applied to many different things, including PCR plates. There are numerous types of silicone plugs available, such as silicone sponge filters and compression molded plugs.

Compression molded plug

A silicone plug  can be produced using compression molding, which works well for many different products. This process can assist you in creating high-quality, long-lasting products, whether you need a silicone plug for your medical equipment or a rubber plug for use in automobiles.

A heated cavity silicone mold is used in the manufacturing process of silicone compression molding to create precise, high-quality parts. Low volume production runs and complex products are best suited for this technique.

Preheating the material is the first step in the procedure. The material is heated up before being inserted into a heated cavity mold. High pressure is used to shape the material into a rubber part while the mold is heated. The mold is sealed and a plug is inserted after the material has dried and hardened.

Large and complex parts like electrical plugs and rubber car tires are made using compression molding. Although the process takes longer to complete each cycle and is less precise than injection molding, it can still be an economical way to make small, intricate parts. It is also excellent for quickly producing prototypes.

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