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Wishing every happiness will always be with you

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Wishing every happiness will always be with you

Thank you for your attention and support to us in 2021.

We wish you all a happy work and life in the New Year. We will continue to shoulder our responsibilities, live up to your trust, and provide you with better service and warmer company.

The following is our product catalog and website link, you can directly consult our customer service staff if you have any questions.

About Us 

Silicone Products manufacturer with over 20 years experiences and design&develop for customer from around the world.

You can find many similar products and silicone information in our website.


1.Silicone Feeding Products

v   Silicone Baby Pacifier  v   Silicone Bibs  v   Silicone Plate  v   Silicone Spoon

v   Silicone Bowl  v   Silicone Nipple  v  Silicone Feeding Bottle With Spoon

2.Silicone Toys

v   Fruit Teether  v   Hand-Bell Teether  v   Animal Teether  v   3D Teether

v  Baby Teething Toothbrush

3.Silicone Feeding Set Series
4.Other Silicone Products

v   Silicone Bottle Brush  v   Silicone Nasal Aspirator  v   Silicone Hiccup

v   Silicone Drawing Placemat  v   Silicone Straw Cups  v   Silicone Beach Toys

v   Silicone Baby Snack Cup  v   Silicone Baby Bath Brush  v  Silicone Baby Shower Cap

Contact Us:

Dongming building #284Minkang Road, ZhangkengcommunityShenzhen 518131

WhatsApp+86 13430834223

Tel86 13430834223


Best regards & sincerely

ShenzhenLegenDay Technology Co.,Ltd.