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Toys are used as a means of decompression for entertainment. Today's society is under great pressure. Both adults and children have the habit of playing with toys. Of course, there are many kinds of toys. I believe my friends also have a certain understanding. Today I am going to introduce silicone toys. The silicone material is made of natural rubber. The silicone toys can withstand high temperature and cold. Generally, they are- 60 ~ 250 ℃ maintain good elasticity.

Silicone toys usually use soft materials, and the transparent silicone raw materials of the spirits will not cause harm to children's skin. For example, the same toy is made of two materials, silicone and plastic. There may be a little original edge on the toy, but the silicone material does not hurt the baby, and the plastic is usually very hard, so it may cut the child's hand.

It is undeniable that today's children's toys have diversified development, both the shape and the safety of materials have been comprehensively improved. If these objectively existing advantages can be brought to the extreme, then silicone toys The promotion and popularization process will produce a more optimistic harvest, and this has a more thoughtful way to highlight the core role of the material's environmental protection and safety.

Features of silicone toys:

1. Non-toxic and harmless, strong chemical inertness;

2. The material is soft, not easy to deform, and has good resilience;

3. Low viscosity, good fluidity and easy operation;

4. Moderate softness and hardness; generally 30-60A

5. Good tensile strength; 3.4-14.7Mpa

6. The shrinkage rate is small, generally less than 2‰;

7. Acid and alkali resistance, high and low temperature resistance -40-230℃;

8. The more mold turning times, the longer the service life, the better.