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There are so many silicone kettles on the market, what kind of kettle can I buy with confidence?

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Many people have asked me, can we use our silicone kettle to hold boiling water?

I will tell him that our silicone kettle can certainly hold boiling water. Our silicone 

kettle is made of environmentally friendly organic silicone. Temperature resistance 

-40-220 degrees, durable and never deformed. Can be folded into a pocket and used in a backpack!

Our silicone kettle uses food grade liquid silicone + plastic PP without BPA (bisphenol A). 

The product material is food grade silicone material, which is safe and non-toxic, and can 

be used with confidence.

Of course, some manufacturers of silicone kettle bottles experience residual odor. Why is this?

Residual odors are due to the odors left by the silicone after they are baked in the oven 

at high temperature during the production process, and the products directly reach the 

consumers from the production line.    All will smell bad. But we have solved this problem 

when we released the product.

What if there is an odor?

It is recommended to wash with detergent before use, and then boil in the pot for 6-7 minutes 

to sterilize and remove odor.

Silicone product characteristics:

The raw material is 100% environmentally friendly silica gel: food silica gel is an inorganic 

polymer colloidal material formed by polycondensation of silicic acid, the main component 

is mSiO2 ­nH2O. It has good chemical stability, except that it does not react with any acid 

or base in the two very special cases of caustic alkali and hydrofluoric acid. Commonly 

used in products with high safety requirements such as baby pacifiers and feeding bottles.

Non-toxic and tasteless: The ingredients are silica and water, which are safe and stable.

High temperature resistance and low temperature resistance: The temperature resistance 

range of silicone raw materials is -40℃-220℃, far exceeding the plastic products for food 

and insoluble at over 100℃. The use process is safe, even when scorched, it will only be

 decomposed into silica and water vapor, non-toxic and harmless.

Anti-aging and non-fading: The oxidation decomposition temperature is far higher than similar 

plastic products. It can be used at daily temperature without fading and has a service life of up to 10 years.

It is easy to clean, resistant to oil and water, and can be cleaned in the dishwasher. It is very 

convenient to use. Soft, non-slip, good hand feel, like baby's skin, warm and considerate. 

Material selection, processing process, quality control: The material selection is strictly in 

accordance with the US FDA standards for food-grade silicone, and can be customized 

according to customer requirements.

Features of our kettle:

1. Super toughness (silicon material used in the cup body is soft, tough and impact resistant, 

and is free to compress without deformation). It can also prevent the kettle from being seriously

 deformed when it falls.

2. This kind of water bottle is a creative breakthrough. The real folding water bottle replaces

 the cumbersome bundled water bottle. It is OK to fold up to put on the bag, put    in the 

pocket, and hang up.

3. The use of environmentally friendly silicone (product material 100% passed ROHS, 

BPA and the US FDA and EU RACH and LFGBT testing, food-grade health materials, 

can withstand high temperatures up to 230 degrees Celsius without generating any 

toxic substances.

Our silicone kettle has become a basic configuration for outdoor enthusiasts. How to 

buy a silicone kettle that is reassuring, affordable, and safe to drink has become an important issue that cannot be ignored.