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Silicone pacifier-a good partner for children to grow up

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Pacifiers are an indispensable auxiliary tool for artificially feeding babies, because newborn babies do not yet know how to eat. At this time, the bottle plays a big role and helps the baby drink milk. But because babies often bite nipples, there will be different liquids in contact with the nipple, so the nipple will easily rot. Therefore, the mother should change the nipple frequently to avoid the danger of suffocation caused by the inhalation of the nipple fragments.

Material: The raw material of the silicone nipple is medical food grade silicone, which is harmless to the human body; the raw material of the latex nipple is latex, which may have a rubber taste;

Safety: The silicone nipple is non-toxic and tasteless, and there is no odor when sucking or chewing in the mouth. It is safe; latex is easy to produce harmful substances after being disinfected in boiling water many times;

Durable: Silicone nipple does not harden or crack during long-term use or storage; latex has a short service life and is easy to age;

Color: latex nipple is usually yellow, silicone nipple is usually colorless and transparent;

Cost: Medical silica gel is a high-grade material; latex is relatively low endpoint;

Elasticity: Silicone has good elasticity and is resistant to tearing. It is easy to restore its original shape after stretching and extrusion; latex, once the surface is damaged, it is easy to tear;