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Re:Teether also use for different time,do you know this knowledge about teether?

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Teether also use for different time,do you know this knowledge about teether?

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Careful parents wil find our babies will often suck their fingers after six months.Because our parents will worry that the baby will eat bacteria into their mouths,so he will stop the baby from eating finger,but this cause the baby to cry.At this time,parents always thought the baby is making emotions.However,the truth is the baby enter the period of teething.


1. What should we do if the baby is uncomfortable during the teething period?

The process of baby teething is a very sad process. The swelling, pain and itching of the gums destroy the baby every day. At this time, the baby wants to bite everything when he sees it. It is very dirty, causing damage to the gums and accidents such as swallowing and eating. In order to alleviate the discomfort of the teething period,parents need to prepare for teethers. Tools can not only alleviate the discomfort of the baby's gums when teething, but also promote the coordination of the baby's mouth and hands by sucking and biting the teeth tools.


How to choose teether tools?
1. Homemade teething food
Our mom can make homemade teething food, cut the fruit into thin slices of fruit, or small strips with the thickness of fingers, to chew and grind teeth for the baby; some fruit and vegetable skins, such as grapefruit and radish peel, have a relatively tough texture and can be peeled. Small pieces for the baby to grind teeth, although the taste is not good, but it is still very useful. The advantages of homemade teething food are natural, pollution-free, low cost, babies like to eat, and parents and moms are also very fulfilled. 


2、silicone baby pacifier

The advantage of pacifier is that it can put cut meat, fruit and vegetable food into the silicone filter to train the baby's biting ability. The meat and vegetable juice and some food puree can be squeezed out of the filter and forced to eat automatically.Babies can enjoy delicious food while grinding their teeth. It is worth recommending.


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