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Re:Help your baby grow up to a new stage

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Help your baby grow up to a new stage

During the transitional period of baby brushing, use a silicone toothbrush, which is both a gum and a toothbrush. It is safe and soft, allowing babies to develop the habit of brushing their teeth.


#Anti-jamming safety baffle, refuse to accidentally swipe with confidence

The humanized baffle design prevents the entrance of the baby from being too deep when brushing the teeth, which can effectively avoid the snapping crisis, so you can wash and brush with ease and peace of mind.


#Soft silicone brush head cares for tender gums

The bristles are soft, gently massage the gums, not easy to damage the gums, and give the baby a more delicate care for the baby's young deciduous teeth.


#Scientific Adaptation Handle  Correctly master the brushing posture

The non-slip handle that fits the baby's hand, it is not easy to slip, fall, and it is comfortable and labor-saving to hold, allowing the baby to quickly grasp the correct brushing posture.


#Flexible and practical, simple installation and disassembly

Removable structure design, convenient for daily cleaning.


#Hold high temperature disinfection, restore essential cleanliness

Can withstand high temperature environment, can be sterilized by boiling, steam and ultraviolet
Restore the essence of pure and clean, so that the baby's entrance is more at ease.

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