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Legenday Custom Colour Grey Fresh Fruit Feeder animal silicone baby fruit feeder silicone food pacifier

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Baby teething time / food supplement is indispensable-baby pacifier

Let the baby be safer in contact with different fruits and vegetables,stimulate the sense of taste,soothe the discomfort
during teething at the same time,and solve the mother's worries.

Safety Materials

The baby pacifier and bottle spoon are made of food-grade silicone, free of bisphenol a, polyvinyl chloride, non-toxic,lead-free and phthalates.
The pacifier is safe for babies to chew and suck. The safety of babies is our top task, so you will not worry about harmful chemicals that will harm your children. 

Easy to clean

Silicone teething feeders are dirt-resistant and durable. They are easy to clean and will not absorb food odors. Therefore,
they are also a better choice for mesh bag. Mesh bag feeders may leave dead ends for the growth of bacterial spots.
You just need to wash and disinfect them in warm soapy water, and then drain them thoroughly for using next time.

Multifunctional design

The pacifier is both a feeder and a teether. Chewable silicone designed have various textures and shapes,
which can help relieve the pain of the baby's teeth and gums and stimulate healthy tooth growth. In particular,
it is also a rattle, which can promote the development of baby's vision and touch, and encourage hand-eye coordination.

Balance infant nutrition

Parents can put a variety of fresh fruits, cooked meat, vegetables, breast milk, and borneol into the baby fruit feeder set,
so that the baby can get all the minerals and vitamins requirements for health and vitality! By chewing, sucking and tasting,
the baby can also enjoy the complete original food flavor and satisfying experience.


Perfect Feeder Set

Each set is equipped with 2 baby feeders with 3 alternative silicon nipple of different sizes, allowing you to easily replace the
silicone nipple and insert suitable food according to your baby's needs. It also includes two soft silicone spoons for sensitive baby gums,
which will be the perfect start for early solid feeding.


Do you want your baby to grow up more nutritiously?

Do you want your children to enjoy a safer diet?

Homemade baby food is a more popular choice for parents, 

and the fruit feeder pacifier set is a wise choice for you.

concept of design:
Teething pacifier feeders are designed to encourage natural and comfortable chewing, relieve baby's tooth pain and massage baby's gums, 
and introduce solids to your child. Only digestible pieces can pass through this small hole. The unique design reduces the risk of suffocation. 
Infant hand grips help to improve holding and chewing ability, so that your child can enjoy fresh food.


100% brand new, 100% protected, 100% guarantee quality

Baby food nipple feeder size:
Small: suitable for 3-6 months old baby
Medium: Suitable for babies 6-12 months old
Large size: suitable for babies over 12 months

【Detailed washing instructions】
1. Wash with mild soap and warm water
2. Boil disinfection
3. Put in the dishwasher


Quality and Safety Assurance

This is the only baby food/fruit feeder certified by the global leader in testing, inspection and certification
by Bureau Veritas, USA, and does not contain BPA, latex, lead and phthalates. 

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