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How to Clean and Care for Silicone

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How to Clean and Care for Silicone


 There are so many different kinds of complementary food tableware at home,especially in the past few years. Here is some experience in how to judge the quality of silicone tableware and how to clean and maintain tableware.


Speaking of which, silicone tableware has only emerged in recent years, but soon, mothers choose silicone when buying complementary food plates, because this material of silicone is especially suitable for children to make tableware.Compared with ceramic, plastic, stainless steel tableware, silicone tableware.Non-toxic and tasteless, high temperature resistance, 240 ° disinfection will not deform, but also low temperature resistance, -40 ° freezing will not harden, but also resistant to falling,The child is not afraid of holding the bowl firmly or likes to throw the bowl, and there is no sound when it falls.


In addition, it works well with the temperature of the food, whether it is ice or hot, it can reduce the temperature change after putting it in, and at the same time block the temperature transfer, so that the baby will not be scalded.




The tableware that everyone used in the past all have their own shortcomings, such as ceramics are easy to fall, plastics are not resistant to high temperature, and the temperature difference is different, it is easy to turn yellow after a long time of use, stainless steel is too slippery, and it cannot be loaded with strong electrolytes, which is easy to rust.

Moreover, silicone tableware can naturally be made into suction cups, which can be sucked on the table.





After buying silicone tableware,before the first use, it is best to rinse with water.



Because the silicone product has a little static electricity, it may be stained with a lot of dust during transportation. It can be cleaned with a relatively soft cotton dishwasher or sponge dish towel. After washing, put it in a ventilated place to dry. Close the lid to prevent it from picking up airborne dust particles again.




After eating, the process of washing dishes is actually very simple, because silicone tableware will not absorb oil stains.Oil stains can be washed off with a little water.




When cleaning, please use a soft sponge or soft cotton cloth to clean, do not use rough vegetable melon cloth, sand powder, hard steel brush, aluminum ball, or cleaning utensils with very rough surface to avoid scratches or damage. Then place it in a ventilated place to dry quickly, or store it in a cabinet or drawer.



 Many people often put silicone cutlery Soak in water   with detergent for 10-30 minutes and then wash by clear water.The sterilization is also very simple, just put it in a pot and steam and boil it. Some homes have baby bottle sterilizers, which can be sterilized by ultraviolet rays.