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How to choose safe baby teether?

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After the baby starts to grow deciduous teeth, the gums will be itchy, the saliva will increase, there will be the so-called "oral desire period", what to catch, bite, bite hand, bite toy, bite picture book...
In order to alleviate the discomfort during teething and prevent the baby from biting some messy things, many mothers will buy teether (also called molar stick) for the baby.

As something that babies often suck and bite, the choice of teether is not only because it is difficult to grasp and clean, the pattern and shape are not Q, but more importantly, it depends on safety.



1. Structural safety.

Structural safety mainly refers to whether some of the tips and ends of the teether are too small, causing the baby to go deep into the throat when sucking and biting, leading to choking and regurgitation.





2. Anti-bite performance.

Bite resistance means that the baby must be able to avoid the rupture and damage of the teether parts after the baby has been biting for a long time and frequently, so as to avoid the falling part being swallowed by the baby, causing suffocation and other risks.




3. Chemical and sanitary safety performance.

At present, the main materials of gutta-perchas on the market are silica gel, natural rubber, resin, thermoplastic elastic materials, etc. These materials may have migratable heavy metals, plasticizers, nitrosamine compounds and nitrosates during use. , Volatile compounds, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and other risky substances.










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