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How to choose a dinner plate suitable for babies
Here are a few types of anti-drop suction cup bowl integrated partition plate for everyone

1. The plate is brightly colored, which can attract children's attention very well.
2. The partitioning is reasonable. I used a green frog with a section of corn just below the eye position, which is very cute.
3. The capacity is appropriate, which is probably the baby's food intake, no more, no less. 4. The most important, especially stable. Although its suction cup is not particularly large, there is a slight concave surface underneath, which greatly enhances the suction power of the chassis, so it is particularly firm.

1. The suction cup base is very, very large. It can be seen that it is larger than the dinner plate itself, so the fixation is also very good. Don't worry about the baby lifting the rice bowl.
2. Clarity is also convenient, except that the corners of the smiley face are slightly dead, but they are not particularly small.
3. The color is very rich, and the color matching of ezpz really strikes my heart. It's not impossible for a girlish mother to buy things for good looks.

1. Silicone has good softness and high suction power, so it can be regarded as a very stable dinner plate

2. The compartments are reasonable and each compartment is of appropriate size, suitable for baby training to divide meals. Especially suitable for older babies.

3. Grid rules, easy to install things.

4. The depth is also enough, easy to scoop.

Dip some water on the bottom of the suction cup and suck it hard on the smooth table top, which is very stable.

The food can be stored in the refrigerator, heated in a microwave oven, and finally cleaned in the dishwasher. It is really a savior for mother.