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Do You Know the Kitchen Artifact - Reusable Silicone Food Bags?

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  In the kitchen,the plastic bags and products used everywhere,because the preservation of food is necessary,especially in the Summer.In fact, plastic really harm for our health,and bring burden to our environment. Today we will recommend the kitchen artifact to you - reusable silicone food bags.

 Reusable Silicone Food Bags:100% food grade silicone material; Super sealing preservation; avoid contact air and moisture; microwaved and reused ;Save your refrigerator. You don’t worry about your refrigerator messy any more.

 The most important thing of the reusable silicone storage bag is safe and healthy.Let you eat with peace of mind and safe. Silica gel is a kind of advanced active adsorption material. The main ingredient is silicon dioxide Non-toxic, tasteless, and very flexible reusable.The material have strict inspection for the testing agent.It must test approved for the FDA and LFGB certification. The material is same as the pacifier,which is put baby mouth everyday silicone.

  Another important condition of preservation is to seal .The reusable silicone food bags used pressure with sealing strip.The end of the seal is also fully sealed and achieve super sealing without dead angle.Seals can be opened and closed repeatedly and Seal easily.

It locks in freshness and keeps bacteria out. Our silicone storage bag can also prevent moisture and mildew,Like vegetables or half-eaten food or dried fruit. It's the best way to keep it fresh. It can be refrigerated or heated Low temperature -40℃ high temperature 230℃.

You can use it on refrigerating,the microwave oven and Wash in dishwasher. It doesn't deform.

  The silicone storage bag have three scale marks on the front. It can facilitate the measurement of various container capacity. It Write notes and labels on food bag with dry-erase marker when storing food

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