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Custom Colorful Creative Collapsible Foldable Silicone Water Bottle For Outdoor

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Sports water bottle purchase recommendations

Choose the right sports bottle according to different occasions:

1. Indoor sports

Generally, fitness enthusiasts or students who exercise indoors are still a good choice for a sports bottle. It does not require too much demand. It has a large capacity and is portable and leak-proof. The material is a tritan plastic water cup.





2. Outdoor sports


There will inevitably be some bumps and bumps in outdoor sports, so you have to consider more when choosing a sports bottle. Large capacity, portable and leak-proof is the most basic function, the most important thing is to withstand bumps, only solid materials can guarantee its service life. In this way, plastic material is not the first choice, you can use stainless steel outdoor sports bottle. In addition, there are many types of outdoor sports. If the environment is harsh and the altitude is high, the insulation function is essential. If it is outdoor travel, camping, foldable sports bottle will help you leave more space.













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