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Baby Food Feeder Guidelines and Choices

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Daily signals that the baby should add complementary food:

1. The baby will stare intently and enthusiastic when seeing adults eating.

2. Want to eat with adults at the table.

3. Put everything he sees in the mouth and eat it.

4. The tongue sticking reaction has disappeared.


With the above more specific reactions, it may indicate that the baby wants to eat solid food. Many babies have the above symptoms early, and some babies need complementary food later.


It is recommended to start adding supplementary food for babies at 4-6 months.12

The first is to add iron-containing mashed foods, such as iron-fortified rice noodles.

Second, tuber vegetables, such as carrot puree, pumpkin puree.

Third, apple puree, banana puree and other fruits.



The principle of adding complementary foods: from thin to thick, from less to more, from one to many times, from a single variety to multiple varieties, from delicate and easily digestible to coarse and indigestible.

Be sure to try it at the beginning, feed a little, and see the baby's digestion and appetite.

Here are two best-selling feeders for you to choose according to your baby's age and needs

1.Silicone bottle and spoon all in one is a great on-the-go feeding tool for toddlers! Many parents start to feed babies This Silicone Nursing Bottle with Spoon will provide you with lunch and cutlery in one.


It has an ergonomic design, making it ideal to feed your baby while out.


Simply pour the baby food into the silicone bottle and squeeze just the right amount when necessary.The sides of the clear bottle are marked so you know exactly how much you're feeding your baby.


Skip the mess and make lunchtime easier and more efficient for both you and your baby.

Perfect for traveling and transportation, this silicone feeding bottle is easy to clean and completely portable.

It comes in a variety of adorable colors to suit your preference and makes the perfect life hack for a traveling and busy mom and baby.


2.Baby fruit feeder pacifier can be used with frozen fruit or vegetables, breast milk and even medication. Made from the highest food grade silicone (BPA, latex, petroleum, lead and phthalates free), they can be easily washed with soap and warm water or in the top rack of the dishwasher.


For teething babies without gums, these BPA-free feeders are great with frozen fruit. Only the tiniest foods pass through the mesh pockets, preventing any choking hazard from solid foods while providing sweet, icy comfort. Simply put food in the mesh bag and snap it to secure.


Pay attention to adding the same for three to five days, and do not add all at once.When supplementary food is added, the amount of milk cannot be sharply reduced, because at this time the baby's food is still mainly milk. If there are no symptoms such as indigestion and allergies, supplementary feeding can be continued.