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2020 new bpa free waterproof baby bib silicone kids bowl set with spoon

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1. A large collection of baby tableware sets

In my opinion, choosing tableware for your baby is a very ceremonial thing. Every tableware will accompany him to grow up.

Even if you wear clothes for a meal, even if the tableware is flying around and the soup is overflowing, but when you choose the tableware that your baby likes, when he learns to eat by himself, he will be very happy...




【Type of tableware】

Suction cup bowl: The bottom suction cup design uses the principle of air pressure to firmly fix it on the dining table. There is usually a small raised pull ring, which can be easily removed when found. Before choosing the sucker bowl, the food and tableware flew around, wanting to raise a chicken on the ground to let it eat.


Suction trays & dividers: Baby trays are usually divided, used to hold different ingredients, with high and low tilt design trays can make it easier for babies to scoop meals, dinner trays are usually short, easy to get cold and unavoidable .



All-in-one dinner plate: The dinner plate and the placemat are designed in one piece, and they are generally made of silicone placemats. Compared with the ordinary suction cup dinner plate, there is a small hole on the placemat, which can be hung.




Fork & Spoon:

When the baby is young, we recommend a fork and spoon made of silicone. Silicone is divided into soft and hard. Soft silicone is not easy to scoop out the remaining food at the end. The fork and spoon are designed with straight and elbow.



Temperature sensing spoon: Controlling the temperature of feeding the baby is a very important key point. The baby’s gums are sensitive, and overheated food is easy to burn. The temperature sensing spoon can let us control the temperature by changing the color. When choosing a temperature sensing spoon, pay attention to whether the plastic material is It is environmentally friendly, and the built-in color changing powder does not contain BPA, which is food grade.








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