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1. What is biting music?

Bitingle looks a bit like a pacifier, but it has more functions than a pacifier. It is a kind of baby food supplement tool. When the food is put into the mesh belt, the baby can chew and eat the stuff inside. It is worth noting that supplementary foods should be added gradually according to the baby's digestive system and chewing development. Iron-containing rice noodles are the first choice for the first supplement. It is safe and easy to absorb, and it is not easy to cause allergies. It can be prepared with breast milk or formula milk. After the baby gets used to it, mix rice noodles with other foods, such as adding carrot puree and other vegetable puree, and then fruits, eggs, and meat.



2. When should I give my baby a bite?

Babies at different stages have different requirements for nutritional intake. According to the "Infant and Toddler Feeding Strategy" issued by the Ministry of Health in 2007, breastfed babies should add complementary foods after 6 months to meet the evolving nutritional needs. For babies from 0-6 months, breast milk has provided all the nutrients needed, which is the most reasonable "nutrition meal". For babies who are not breastfed, they usually start adding complementary foods after 4 months. At this time, the baby can also use complementary food tools such as bite music. It is worth noting that breast milk or formula milk powder should still be the staple food for babies under one year old, and complementary food can only be used as a supplement to meet a variety of nutritional needs. Growing babies need protein the most. Rice noodles have low protein content. If this type of food is used instead of milk for feeding, protein deficiency may occur.





3. What are the benefits of using bite bite music?

As the next niche branch of the baby food supplement tool category, Bitingle has mixed reviews in the industry. From the perspective of parents, it is not an essential food supplement tool. But from the perspective of a child, in order to meet the evolving nutritional needs, breastfed babies should start to add complementary foods after 6 months, and they will gradually have the need to chew. If they are only fed with a spoon, it will not satisfy his always want to bite desire. Bite joy increased his pleasure in eating complementary foods and brought him joy and satisfaction in chewing.



The ability to chew and a good desire to eat are essential to the normal development of children's oral morphology. Many babies are still unable to eat well after they are four or five years old. For example, although they can eat solid foods, they cannot chew well, they cannot chew and spit out, or they swallow wholeheartedly. Unlike teether and pacifiers, Bitejole not only exercises the baby's chewing ability, but also exercises the ability to eat independently. Through biting music, babies can eat fresh fruits, vegetables and meats by themselves since childhood.

























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