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The staff PK is starting!

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Changsha Bingo Liquor Co., the 3rd international liquor bottling plant, which is invested by the UK Goalong Liquor Group Company, also called the 3rd factory of Goalong Liquor. UK Goalong Liquor Group mainly integrates the brewing and development of international spirits of whisky, brandy, vodka, liqueur, etc. Among them, the 3rd factory of Goalong Liquor is mainly engaged in spirits OEM and ODM services for customers in and abroad.

In order to better serve customers and improve product quality, We hired senior and excellent managers from the former Kunming Budweiser beer company and Changsha Coca Cola Co., Ltd. Improving production management level and delivery capability with international management level. Outstanding quality products and excellent services, we are doomed to supply liquors on the market as the leader.

The brewers and bartenders team was built by the founder, Mr. Alan. Since the founding of Goalong brand, aspiring to be a pioneer of Chinese whisky brewing, this team has always represented the highest level of Chinese whisky brewing and blending. Bingo Liquor brings together a professional whisky, brandy and vodka R&D team with a world-class specialist-Mr. Alan-to implement the highly specialized distilling and blending skills that UK Goalong Liquor Group has cultivated for more than 15 years through beverage manufacturing experience and knowledge.

By combining the blender’s craftsmanship with great cask selection and the utilization of “green and environmental sources from the sun,” the future of this new and upcoming liquor enterprise is bright. UK Goalong Liquor Group’s story is not just about whisky or brandy or vodka, it is also about people. UK Goalong Liquor is the dream of an entrepreneur come true, a dream made possible through dedication, passion and a drive for perfection.  Goalong Liquor, Renowned worldwide. “Reliable, Professional, Focus, High- efficiency, Customer first” are the endorsement and reputations from our cooperated customers and our peers.


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